Let's Enjoy Chinese -- Lesson One

Hello everyone! I am very glad to see you with us today. Let's enjoy Chinese! Our program introduce some of the good ways and approaches to learn Chinese characters.

Have you been to China? Can you speak Chinese? I think some of you may speak Chinese. Some of you may think, "Oh, it's too difficult to write Chinese characters". Yes, at first when you write Chinese character, it maybe difficult if you do not know how to approach it. However, If you know the conventions of writing Chinese characters, then it may not be as difficult as you expected.  


Key words:

山   【 shān 】    mountain

水   【 shuǐ 】    water

一   【  yī 】   one

二   【 èr 】    two

三   【 sān】   three

十   【 shí】   ten

土   【tǔ】   soil/land  

工   【gōng】   work / worker 

上   【 shàng】   up/go up

Basic stroke: 一【héng】丨【shù】ㄴ【shù zhé】丿【piě】㇏【nà】丶【diàn】亅【shù gōu】