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Learn Chinese in China

Do you want to improve your Chinese and expand your job opportunities?
Do you want to come to Chine to explore 5000 years history and culture?
Come and join our Learn Chinese in China program.

Across The Seas works with accredited language organizations in China to offer a wide range of high quality programs teaching Chinese as a second language in the Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Guangzhou to help you learn Chinese and accomplish your goals.

Course / Program offered


Intensive Program

Program is designed for students who want to progress rapidly and see immediate results. Classes are held five days per week.  Learn English fast and enhance your skills while choosing a schedule that is best for you.

  • Small group
  • Beginner-Advanced level

Semi-intensive Program

For students with other responsibilities, We offered a Semi-Intensive Program or Weekend Program. This program allows students to enjoy rapid progress while maintaining a busy lifestyle.

  • Morning, afternoon or evening
  • Beginner-Advanced level

Executive Private Tutoring

Enjoy private teachers to help you to improve fast!

  • Designed to fit your schedule
  • Focused only on you
  • Beginner-Advanced level

Test Preparation

China's Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) is the standardized national test and is used by all Chinese universities to assess the enrolment of foreign students and by a number of Chinese companies looking for foreign employees. We help students to meet the challenges of a higher academic environment, as well as develop tried-and-true testing strategies.

  • Morning, afternoon or evening
  • HSK focused

Business Chinese Courses

Business Chinese classes are designed to emphasize speaking and listening skills to help students assimilate into a professional work environment.  Available at all levels.

  • Small group
  • Beginner-Advanced level


Popular Location



If you need accmmodation please apply one monthe before you arrive. We will make sure you have a safe and welcoming place to live during your studies here in the China. Our HomeStay program will make you feel at home while you are here with us.

Homestay Single Room

Private bedroom with private or shared bath (All homes are pre-approved)
Internet access
Access to television and kitchen (water, gas, electricity included)
Meals are provided
Laundry facility at home
Convenient and reliable public transportation(within 30  minutes commute by bus/train)

Shared Apartment Single Room

Furnished, private bedroom with shared bath
Internet access
Cable TV
Kitchen Privileges (water, gas, electricity included)
Laundry facility
Linen and Towels
Safe and clean environment
Convenient and reliable public transportation (within 30  minutes commute by bus/train)

Private Studio

Furnished ,Private bedroom with private bath
internet access
Cable TV
Kitchen Privileges ( water, gas, electricity included)
Safe and clean environment
Laundry facility at home
Linen and Towels
Convenient and reliable public transportation (within 45 minutes commute by bus/train)


Start Application Now !

If you're interested in the program, please download the application form, fill it out and send to Please submit the form at least two months in advance before you want to travel to China. Thanks!

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