Work as an Au Pair in China.

Connect to a NEW Culture.

Au Pair in China

Have you ever dreamed of visiting China to its great cities, learning Chinese and Chinese culture? Do you have a passion working with children? Do you have a love for adventure, traveling, and meeting new people? We can make your dream a reality !


Program Overview

The Au Pair in China Program is a great opportunity to come to China to share your culture and learn about Chinese culture. As an au pair you will live with a carefully screened Chinese host family for three to twelve months to enjoy an authentic experience in China. This unique program will give you a great opportunity to get exposure to Chinese culture and to see China from a new perspective.

I know traveling to China to work as an au pair is a big decision, but let me tell you what you'll receive for this investment in yourself :

  • Improve your Chinese and learn Chinese culture

  • Earn a monthly stipend of RMB 1,000+Yuan (about $161.2, subject to change)

  • Free room and board from your host family

  • Free Chinese class four credit hours per week

  • Opportunities to travel with the host family

  • Make internatioanl friends

  • Airfare subsidy of RMB 1,000 Yuan(about $161.2) per month

  • Health and accident insurance during your stay


In addition, the program will provide you with the following :

  • Guidance and support from a local coordinator during your stay

  • Visa application assistance

  • Free pick up at the airport

  • For every six months worked, you'll have one week paid vacation

  • The opportunity to extend your stay for another three to six months

If you qualify for the program and is committed to working in China, we encourage you to begin your application as soon as possible. We have carefully screened host families who are looking to sponsor au pairs. Also, you will be assigned to a local coordinator who will be there to support you as you get to know your new host family, introduce you to other au pairs, and be available to address any issues that may come up.


What Do Au Pairs Do?

As an Au pair, you have a unique position in the family as both a family member and employee. You will be responsible for taking care of children for the host family as a big brother or sister. Your job will be especially rewarding and fulfilling as you creating special bonds with your host children. Let's take a look what's the responsibilities of an au pair:

  • Playing and supervising children

  • Helping with homework and tutoring

  • Preparing meals for children and cleaning up afterwards

  • Helping with bath time

  • Doing children's laundry

  • Keeping kids' rooms tidy and organized

  • Other child-related duties requested by your host family

As an aupair, you are not expected to do heavy housework, yard work, pet care, laundry, or meals for the entire family. Also, many host families in China already have a full time house worker, so your responsibilities will be generally concentrated on playing and supervising children and helping with homework or homeschooling.


Working Hours and Schedule

As an au pair, you will work hard to provide quality childcare and tutoring, so naturally you will need sufficient breaks. To ensure that you're not overworked, your host family will be required to provide you with a weekly schedule. When you receive your schedule, please make sure it complies with the following requirements :

  • You are scheduled to work no more than 30 hours per week

  • You are not working more than 10 hours on any given day

  • You have one and a half days off per week and one full weekend per month

  • During the every six months, you will receive one weeks of paid vacation


Who are Eligible for the Program?

To qualify for the program, you'll need to meet the following criteria :

  • You are between the ages of 18 and 29

  • You love working with children and have childcare experience

  • You are a native English speaker

  • You have completed secondary school

  • Has no major health problems

  • No criminal record

  • You are willing and able to come work in China for three to twelve months


Most Recent Placement



The au pair will be advised which visa to apply for, be provided with any necessary documents and full details of how to apply once you have matched with a family. In addition, you will be provided with assistance registering with local authorities upon arrival in China.


Application Process


Application Forms

Complete and submit all the application forms required.


Match Up

We will recommend families to you and help you match up with a Chinese host family.



We will help you schedule an interview with the host family. Successful placement upon you and the host family both agree with each other.


Apply Visa

We will provide relevant documents and help you preparing visa documents.


Finalize Trip

Finalize travel itinerary, book the flight and travel to China.


Start Application Now !

If you're interested in the program, please download the application form, fill it out and send to Please submit the form at least two months in advance before you want to travel to China. Thanks!

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