At Across The seas, Our mission is

To help you achieve your personal GOAL.

About Across The Seas

Across the Seas (ATS), LLC is a US registered international cultural exchange and education company located in the US Capital of Washington, D.C.. Our mission is to bridge the cultural gap between America and China by providing cultural exchange and education opportunities for Americans in China. We operate with a client focused philosophy, taking into consideration the educational and personal goals of the client in every decision we make. To help client reach their goals, we provide a number of cultural exchange, study abroad, and internship opportunities in China.

Our strengths stem from our detailed knowledge of the education and employment environment in China. We have helped many Americans go to work, teach, and learn in China as part of cultural exchange and education programs. We offer several paid programs to recruit Americans interested in working in China. These programs allow you to explore the country and gain valuable work experiences without paying thousands of dollars in living expenses. In addition, we have partnered with education institutions in China to help you find the perfect study abroad experience. Our programs offer you a perfect way to expand your understanding of an ancient cultural that also is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, whether you want to spend a summer between classes or stay a whole year! Across the Seas is dedicated to upholding a strong ethical tradition and providing excellent services to all our customers.

" If you are young and have time, I implore you to go and travel. Go to some place you've never been to before, like China. Have your mind blown, eat local food, find some interesting people, and have an adventure. Enjoy the music, culture, food, and people. You will appreciate your new found understanding of the differences and similarities between eastern and western culture. When you come back, you will see you country and your people differently. Most importantly, you're going to see yourself differently. You never know what new experiences, ideas, and opportunities traveling might bring you. "

---- From co-founder Jane Feng

Why Across The Seas?

Ample Opportunities

We provide high quality opportunities for Americans to visit China. All of our partners in China are carefully chosen to provide you with a valuable experience in China.

Low Cost

We only charges a small fee for finding a placement position in China. Many of our programs are paid positions that will allow you to earn money while in China.

Flexible Timeline

We work on your schedule. Our programs start year round and we have durations ranging from three months to over a year. It's perfect for a summer break or a yearlong visit.

Support on Both Sides

Across the Seas have employees in both China and the United States to provide you with live support on both sides of the Pacific. With us, you are never far from help.